Renew Wellness believes in the removal of unhealthy habitual behavior and tapping into your most authentic true-self. Located on Lake Stevens Washington, the waterfront view makes for a serene location for our neurofeedback sessions and intimate sized yoga classes provided to adhere to clients' mental and physical health.


Neurofeedback: $40 per session or $350 for 10 sessions 

Yoga: $12 per class or $100 for 10 classes


Renew Wellness uses NeurOptimal's advanced brain training systems to train your brain to return to a more flexible and resilient way of functioning. It's as easy as a 30 minute session a couple times a week to kickstart your new way of thinking! Find out how it works and read about the success stories of those who have overcome anxiety, sleep insomnia, depression, and more. 



At Renew Wellness we understand that people want to get away from the stress, pressures, and responsibilities the rest of the day holds. The lake view from our studio, small class sizes, and inspiring intentions for each class creates your own oasis without the plane ticket. Find out what yoga style suits your fitness goals and how you can get started today! 

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